6 Ways to Keep Your Home Exterior Tidy

Check your roof

You don’t have to go up immediately; you could always grab your binoculars and check the roof while in a safe place. If there are parts that should be replaced, you should tend to them without delay. Of course, only if you can handle the replacement, if not, do call a handyman instead.

Keep your driveway and deck clean

pressure washer deck washing clean

The best way to clean them is by using a pressure washer! Of course, mind the safety precautions. Make sure they’re free from dirt and dust. When washing the deck, don’t forget to move the pressure washer spray continuously because if you rest in a spot for a long time, it could damage the surface. After pressure washing, apply a waterproof sealer on the driveway and a wood preservative on your deck to help hinder water damage as well as discoloration.

Fix your garden beds

Add a new layer of mulch to your garden beds to make them look clean and pleasing to the eyes. You could also gently rake the surface if the mulch layer is still around 3 inches deep. Raking can remove the compacted look your beds have.

Get rid of hanging branches and faded flowers

If your trees have branches that need to be cut, then, by all means, trim them! I’m extra kind today, so I’ll share with you my favorite gas pole saw. Moving on, you should also keep your garden clean by getting rid of the flowers that are no longer blooming.

Dejunk your gutters

house gutter roof

Don’t forget to clear those dirty gutters too! You might need an old chisel to scrape off the old caulk out if there are cracks at the seams. To prevent water from proceeding behind the gutters and rotting the boards, you also need a new bead silicon sealing.

Maintain the gate or fences

Don’t forget your front liners! Your gate or fences could’ve been screaming for a new paint color or repairs without you hearing them! Clean them and make sure they’re still keeping the house safe. If necessary, give them an upgrade.

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