4 Habits to Live By for a Clutter-Free Home and Life


Decluttering sounds simple enough, until you take on a chaotic mess of things that have somehow accumulated over time. And as clutter continues to build up, you set yourself up for more time-consuming and potentially tedious organizing work. If you want to keep your life, home, and work space organized, you may find that tackling mess every day is much easier in the long run. Here are some helpful habits to live by if you want a clutter-free, or at the very least clutter-less, home and life.

Do it every day

The more clutter and mess you have to deal with, the more tedious organizing may get. For this reason, it helps to make it a daily habit to organize the things around you before they start building up. You do not have to spend a long time doing it either. Five to ten minutes of decluttering every day can help keep your home, workspace, and life more organized.

Put things back where they belong

Sometimes clutter builds up as you delay putting back things to their proper places. Keep papers on your desk in folders or file trays. Label for reuse papers that are still useful. Recycle or throw away the rest that you no longer need. Return books or magazines on their designated shelf or rack. Make it a goal to immediately put things back from where you picked them once you are done with them.

Go for less


Decluttering is easier if you have designated boxes or containers for the things that you need to organize. But before you start shopping for storage bins, you might want to consider making an inventory of items you already have that you can use for the same purpose. Buying more only add to the number of things you own and have to find a space for. Living with less stuff minimizes the amount of things you have to clean and organize regularly.

Schedule a purge

Schedule a major purge at home and at work at least once a year. Consider it as the big clean up — a time when you can get rid of things for good. You can choose to donate, sell, recycle, or throw away things that no longer serve any purpose in your home, work, or life. Pay attention to things that you may be keeping for sentimental reasons. It may be time to finally let them go or give them away to people who will have more use for them.